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If anyone is interested in participating in the Achievement in Music program for the first time this year, please contact our Mentor Coordinator, Linda Krueger (630-665-8276,  She will match you up with a mentor who will answer your questions and guide you through the student preparation process as well as help you prepare for judging students.  Our board instated this mentoring program 2 years ago to encourage participation and to ensure the successful preparation of each teacher new to AIM.


Thank you to teachers who have acted as mentors the past 2 years.  Please continue to check in with those you have been mentoring as they add new levels.  Anyone willing to mentor new teachers this year may also contact

Linda Krueger.

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AIM Forms


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wheaton College


The AIM Performance Exam is March 4, 2017.  Online enrollment will begin on January 1st.  The deadline to complete student enrollment and the judging form is midnight February 1st.  It is advised that you have all information ready before you start to fill out the form on your computer.  You may want to check the form online before you actually begin.


Requests for morning or afternoon times should only be used if a student has a legitimate conflict.

For each piece of repertoire:

1. Composer (last name only unless first initial is needed for clarification)

2. Repertoire (name of piece including Opus number or other classifying information.  "minuet"  or "sonatina" is not enough information.

3. Level/page# of syllabus:  Please use the following format:  if the piece is listed at Level 6 on page 24 of the syllabus, enter 6-p24.  Do include letter "p" for page number.  For Level 1A, 1B or 1C enter NA.  If you are substituting an approved piece enter "approved" instead of page #.

4. Collection: (complete this entry if you are using a piece from one of the Collections.) Include Level and page number of Collection.  You are asked to abbreviate the book title and include page of the book on which song appears.

You will also need to include school and address  your student attends.

Review your entries carefully before clicking "submit".  Double check the spreadsheet when your are finished.  Contact Diane Jankiewcz with any errors.

Double check the AIM Teacher Checklist in the Directory to be sure you have met all West Suburban requirements for entering your students.   

The mandatory judges meeting is at 9:45 am on February 2.  Enrollment fees for Level 1 and 2 students are due this day ($20.00 per student).  Check must be made payable to "Illinois State Music Teachers Association"  (not WSISMTA as in the past) 

Contact Diane Jankiewcz or Peggy Liu with any other concerns or questions.

AIM Honors Recital Participants—April 9, 2017