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The Achievement in Music Program, also known as AIM, is an exciting and motivating program for students, designed to develop strong performance and technical skills as well as a thorough understanding of musical theory. There are twelve levels in the program, with Level 1 divided into three parts, Levels 1A, 1B, and 1C. Each level has theory, performance, and technical requirements that follow a logical progression from early elementary through advanced.



Enrollment for the Nov. 17 Theory Exam for levels 3-12 is now closed. Fill out one Student Enrollment form for each student, fill out the Judging Sign-Up form for yourself.The deadline for enrollment is Oct. 1. Fees are due by Oct. 4 and may be mailed to Kathy Sbarboro or brought to the Oct. 4 meeting.

Direct any questions to either Kathy Sbarboro or Lynette Zelis.

Student Enrollment Form

Judges Form

Watch for further information about AIM Performance Exams beginning in January.


AIM Honors Recital

The AIM honors recital was held on Sunday April 15 at Windsor Park. There was a very large crowd of both residents and families who came to hear 25 students from the studios of 16 teachers from our group. They were nominated by their judges for their outstanding performances at Level 5 and above Performance exams. Congratulations to all!

AIM Mentoring Program

The contact for AIM Mentoring is Linda Krueger Lkruegerpno@comcast.net.


Theory contact people (coordinators) are Kathy Sbarboro, sbarbobo.k@att.net or Lynette Zelis, lynettezelis@gmail.com.

Performance contact person (coordinator) is Peggy Liu, peggysyiliu@gmail.com.